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Plate Techtonics Part of Physical Climate System, Affecting Climate, Sea Levels & Carbon Budget

Plate Tectonics: The Central Theory of Geology Geologists say the earth is composed of the following layers: crust, mantle, lithosphere, astheonosphere, mesosphere, the outer core and the inner core. That’s a lot of layers! But understanding these parts of the earth, their interactions and their relationship to climate, sea levels and the earth’s carbon budget […]

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Music Technology Has an Upside & Talented Musicians are the Primary Beneficiaries
Now You See Me, Now You Don’t: Countersurveillance Clothing Aims To Fool Facial Recognition Software
Physical, Chemical & Biological Nanosensors & the Internet of Nanothings (IoNT)
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Improving Bridge Design with New Technologies & Automated Seismic Analysis

With the Trump administration expected to spend up to $1 trillion fixing US infrastructure, especially bridges, new tools are helping engineers analyze, repair, and design bridges. In reality, today’s bridges are structurally pretty simple. But seismic activity makes bridges vulnerable to damage and collapse such as occurred in Kobe, Japan, and Oakland, California recently. The […]

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The Sensing Revolution Improving Human & Device Performance
Research Recommends Smoking Pot for Seniors
18-Year-Old Invents a Breast Cancer Detection Bra After Nearly Losing His Mom to the Disease
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