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Jeff Bezos Tweets a Picture of Himself Piloting the 13-Foot-Tall Method-2 Robot

“I just got to pilot an awesome (and huge) robot thanks to Hankook Mirae Technology.” That was a recent tweet from Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, who looks like he’s filming the sequel to Real Steel or something. He’s not. Bezos got to have a little bit of fun at MARS — an annual, invite-only conference […]

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Lamborghini & Vertu Luxury Smartphones

High-End Luxury Smartphones The word is that Swiss watchmakers have entered the luxury smartphone market. Because so few people today wear watches, Swiss watchmakers have discovered a new platform to show off their high-tech skills, knowledge, and style. As far as most people are concerned, today’s smartphones are already a great luxury. With thousands of […]

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The Gestation, Birth Pangs, and Growth of Emerging Technology
Fintech Disruption & the Financial World of the 21st Century
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