AI & Deep Learning Enabling the Intelligent Enterprise

By: | March 23rd, 2017

AI for the Enterprise

AI for the Enterprise (Image Courtesy Wikipedia

Perhaps the first deployment of AI in the enterprise is through AI Assistants. At, some of the most influential speakers in deep learning, machine intelligence, and artificial intelligence (AI) are featured, providing current topics and interviews. This comes as companies like General Electric, Microsoft, Nvidia, Pitney Bowes, and Twitter are experimenting with machine learning.

But the applications of AI & Deep Learning are affecting a variety of industries. For example, start-up Deep 6 AI recently won the Enterprise and Smart Data Category at SXSW for its artificial intelligence-enabled technology platform that matches patients to clinical trials. As AI & Deep Learning technology picks up, it will become more autonomous and help create a “self-driving enterprise in which AI will make apps and help employees work smarter and more efficiently.” In another development, Genpact, a professional services company, acquired Rage Frameworks and its artificial intelligence technology for the enterprise.

The following video, “Best Practices for Enterprise AI Assistants (Google Cloud Next ’17),” explains how different types of AI Assistants can be deployed to the enterprise through Google Cloud. Google Cloud has created more than 17,000 bots that have been deployed to the Slack platform. Through this experience, the use of AI Assistants is a maturing technology that now can be characterized by best practices for enterprises whether for human resources, marketing, or something in between.

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