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Vertical Forest Will Produce 60 Kg of Oxygen Every Day In China

Italian Architect Stefano Boeri is bringing a breath of fresh air to Nanjing, China by the vertical forest concept. Asia’s first vertical forest is rising in Nanjing. Two green towers will incorporate around 1,100 trees, combined with over 2,500 shrubs and plants. Standing at a height of 656 feet and 354 feet, these towers will be able […]

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Scientists Have Turned Soybean Oil Into a Material 200 Times Stronger Than Steel
Rare Jewel Ice That Sparkles Like Diamonds Washes Up on Japan’s Shores
Motorcycle Full Body Armor Saving Lives, Reducing Injuries (GoPro Video)
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Researchers Invent Paper That Can Be Printed With Light

The environmental impact of paper is significant. To deal with this issue, researchers from Shandong University in China, the University of California, Riverside, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have invented a new type of “paper” that can be printed with light and can be used up to 80 times. This amazing paper is printed using UV […]

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Just What Is Smart Gun Technology? Let’s Take a Look…
KBNNO is a New Material That Can Turn Sunlight, Heat, and Movement Into Electricity
Expanding Range of Laser Weapons is Altering Warfare
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