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Robots Eliminate Menial Work, Humans Reassigned to More Productive Work

According to reports, automation replaced 17,000 “roles” in back office processing at Accenture, a professional services and tech firm over the past year and a half. Thankfully, in this case, no jobs were lost. According to Accenture, automation eliminated menial work, allowing the company’s workforce to do more productive work on behalf of the company. […]

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General Motors Released a Video of Its Self-Driving Car on the Streets of San Francisco
Sierra Nevada Recalls 8 Different Beers Across 36 States Over Broken Glass Concerns
Finland is Giving 2,000 Unemployed Citizens a Basic Income of €560 Per Month
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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Tesla Motors & Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the South African-born, Canadian-American business magnate, engineer, investor, and inventor, dropped out of University at the age of 24 to pursue the company he and brother Kimbal set up: Zip2. This venture actually changed Elon’s life, leaving him with a company that would later be sold for $34 million, allowing him to go […]

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Finally, China Bans Ivory Trade
Plant-Based Plastics, Slippery Coatings & Sustainable Packaging
Got Data? What is it Worth?
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