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Tesla and SolarCity Convert an Entire Island of American Samoa From 100% Diesel to 100% Solar Energy

The American Samoan island of Ta’u which is located at about 2,600 miles from Hawaii and about 4,800 miles from the US mainland is now 100% powered by solar electricity. Ta’u, an island with beautiful landscapes and pristine ocean views, used to depend entirely on imported diesel fuel for its electricity. Residents had to cope […]

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NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft is Sending Us Some Sweet Saturn Images From Its Death Mission
Chain Smoking Medical Robot Puffs 12 Cigarettes
AxiDraw V3 Personal Drawing Machine Writes and Doodles Better Than You
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Researchers Can Now Digitize Teeth From a Video of Someone Smiling

Researchers at Disney Research Zurich, ETH Zurich, and the Max Planck Institute for Informatics have developed a simple method to digitize teeth. The team can digitize teeth by studying a video of someone smiling, or merely a photograph or someone smiling. The one drawback of using photographs is that some teeth remain hidden. However the […]

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Spyder’s Latest Outerwear Collection Features Real-Time Social Media and Location Sharing
A Brief History of Pulleys and How They are Made Today
Stephen Hawking Says Humans Have Only 1000 Years on Earth Before We Are Wiped Out
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