Tesla and SolarCity Convert an Entire Island of American Samoa From 100% Diesel to 100% Solar Energy

By: | December 9th, 2016

Image courtesy SolarCity/Youtube

The American Samoan island of Ta’u which is located at about 2,600 miles from Hawaii and about 4,800 miles from the US mainland is now 100% powered by solar electricity.

Ta’u, an island with beautiful landscapes and pristine ocean views, used to depend entirely on imported diesel fuel for its electricity. Residents had to cope up with a lot of challenges associated with living in such a remote location.

Thanks to technology from the Tesla and SolarCity, islanders have now built a 1.4-megawatt microgrid that absorbs and stores solar power to meet all of their energy needs.

Now the island has an array of 5,328 solar panels and 60 Tesla Powerpacks. This project took less than a year to develop and execute.

As per Tesla and SolarCity, their microgrid allows islanders enjoy 24/7 electricity availability with no power outages and no bottle-necking.

Local resident and food store owner Keith Ahsoon said, “This project will help lessen the carbon footprint of the world. Living on an island, you experience global warming first-hand. Beach erosions and other noticeable changes are a part of life here. It’s a serious problem, and this project will hopefully set a good example for everyone else to follow.”

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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