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The Growroom is a Spherical Farm Pod That Brings Food Producing Architecture to Cities

Space10 and architects Mads-Ulrik Husum and Sine Lindholm have tried to bring nature to cities by co-creating a multi-sensory pavilion that shows how we do farming in our cities. The Growroom is their prototype, and it was recently showcased at the CHART ART FAIR in Copenhagen. The Growroom shows the potential of small-scale urban farming. It’s an […]

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World’s First Emission-Free 4-seater Fuel Cell Plane, the HY4, Takes Off in Germany
Bruges Just Built an Underground Pipeline for Beer
Oakley Collaborated With Intel to Create Radar Pace Sunglasses You Can Talk To
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An Industrial Designer Built a Functional Car Comprised Almost Entirely of Wood

Industrial designer and woodworker Joe Harmon has spent the past five years constructing a car made of wood. The neat thing, however, is that it’s actually drivable and not to mention has a perfect name in Splinter. Comprised almost entirely of wood, Harmon first began drawing designs for Splinter around eight years ago when he […]

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The Real Junk Food Project Opens Its First ‘Pay-as-You-Feel’ ‘Food Waste’ Supermarket in the UK
The Rapid Progress of Precision Machining & Surface Finishing
Juno Sends Back Closest-Ever Images of Jupiter “Like Nothing We Have Seen Before”
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