Oakley Collaborated With Intel to Create Radar Pace Sunglasses You Can Talk To

By: | October 8th, 2016


First unveiled at CES last year, the Radar Pace sunglasses from Oakley and Intel are now available to the public.

Essentially, the Radar Pace shades act as your training coach while you’re biking or whatever physical activity you’re doing, offering encouragement and even allowing you to give voice commands thanks to built-in earbuds.

In addition, the Radar Pace sunglasses feature sensors, an accelerometer, and gyroscope, and can detect humidity, pressure, and proximity.

Like most wearable tech these days, the glasses can be paired with its accompanying smartphone app which also allows you to answer phone calls and skip from song to song.

For $449, you can purchase some Radar Pace shades of your own.



Michael Cooney

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