The Growroom is a Spherical Farm Pod That Brings Food Producing Architecture to Cities

By: | October 7th, 2016

Image courtesy Space10

Space10 and architects Mads-Ulrik Husum and Sine Lindholm have tried to bring nature to cities by co-creating a multi-sensory pavilion that shows how we do farming in our cities. The Growroom is their prototype, and it was recently showcased at the CHART ART FAIR in Copenhagen.

The Growroom shows the potential of small-scale urban farming. It’s an incredible way to help solve the food requirements of ever-increasing urban populations. This spherical structure consists of a metal framework with wooden planter boxes which are filled with herbs, veggies, and edible plants from floor to ceiling.

Image courtesy www.space10

Image courtesy Space10

It is an awesome way to grow high-quality food in self-sustaining eco systems. In the Growroom, one can grow food all year round. Space 10 boasts the food produced tastes better, is healthier for us, more nutritional, environmentally friendly, and uses less water.

The Growroom also has a comfortable space in the center to feel the freshness and relax.

Carla Cammilla Hjort, Director of Space10, said, “We’re inviting [people] to step inside the growing green haven, smell and taste the abundance of herbs and plants, and hopefully it will spark passion about growing your own food in the future.”


Image courtesy Space10


Nidhi Goyal

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