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NASA to Send Autonomous Submarine to Explore Titan’s Sceans

NASA plans to develop a submarine to explore Titan’s frigid oceans. Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, is more similar to the Earth than any other body in the solar system, especially its atmosphere, which has layers just like our planet. Conversely, Titan is extremely cold, with the average surface temperature around 94 degrees Kelvin (minus 179 […]

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New York City Based Design Studio DS+R Wins Chinese Artificial Eco Island Competition
Journey to Mars Will Take Less Than 2 Days in This Space Train, the Solar Express
Life on Earth May Have Begun Hundreds of Millions of Years Earlier Than We Thought
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The Flatpack Ox Is a Badass Modular Vehicle Built For Humanitarian Missions

Humanitarian missions to remote parts of the world or even areas with difficult terrain can prove to be difficult for a number of reasons, but one of the more notable obstacles is finding reliable transportation vehicles. The Flatpack Ox is the result of a philanthropist seeking an all-terrain vehicle that would not only be capable […]

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Oil Spills Continue to Plague the World as Tanker Traffic, Oil Pipe Flow Increase
Bayer Antes Up $57 Billion In Order to Buy American Seed Seller Monsanto
Swedish Households Run on Garbage They Produce; Only 1% Ends Up in Landfills
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