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Moon Express Gets Permission to Land on the Moon

So far, a moon landing has been accomplished only by three nations. The United States’ Apollo 11 was the first manned mission to land on the Moon, on July 20, 1969. Subsequently, only two counties successfully landed spacecraft on the moon: Russia and China. But no private company has ever been given permission for a moon landing. But now, a US company has […]

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Comic Book Artist Jason Shiga Creates Functional Paper Calculator
Expensive 3D Printer Owners Can Easily Create Their Own Sith Lightsaber Kit
Ethical Implications of Robots & Smart Machines Infiltrating Our Lives
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New Model of Clean Energy Growth Emerges with New Amazon Energy Business

Amazon Spurring Clean Energy Growth Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has navigated his company from a small online bookshop into a behemoth of a multinational juggernaut now involved in space exploration, the Amazon Web Service (AWS), data services, and renewable energy, just to name a few. Supplying Clean Energy to Utilities Amazon was recently involved in four […]

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The Defense Industry’s Rising Clean Technology Budgets, New Markets
Pizza Hut Designs Fully Functional Turntable Box For a Few Lucky UK Customers
Cameras for Self-Driving Cars Will Keep an Eye on the Driver Too
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