Comic Book Artist Jason Shiga Creates Functional Paper Calculator

By: | August 22nd, 2016


To introduce more mathematics into comic books, artist Jason Shiga has developed a paper calculator.

It’s an excellent idea in itself, and luckily, Numberphile made a video explaining how the device works.

Essentially, Shiga’s paper calculator utilizes a simple binary system of 0s and 1s, in addition to a myriad of tubes to execute simple calculations.

For example, the reader/user must decide between 0 or 1 by flipping over a flap, which in turn connects or blocks certain pathways later on in the maze of tubes.

It is a bit difficult to explain without watching the video beforehand, but adding 1+1 results in 1-0, or the binary code for 2.

Get the drift?

The video below does a much better job explaining the paper calculator which will certainly be a welcome addition to comic books.

Michael Cooney

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