New Model of Clean Energy Growth Emerges with New Amazon Energy Business

By: | August 23rd, 2016

Clean Energy Growth Wind Farm

Clean Energy Growth Wind Farm (Image Courtesy

Amazon Spurring Clean Energy Growth

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has navigated his company from a small online bookshop into a behemoth of a multinational juggernaut now involved in space exploration, the Amazon Web Service (AWS), data services, and renewable energy, just to name a few.

Supplying Clean Energy to Utilities

Amazon was recently involved in four new renewable energy products that were built with the participation of huge power supply agreements, one of the first, the AWS Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) with Dominion Resources. As a result, four Amazon Solar Farms were built including:

  1. Amazon Solar Farm US East in Virginia,
  2. Amazon Wind Farm Fowler Ridge and Amazon Wind Farm US East in Indiana
  3. Amazon Wind Farm US Central in Ohio

These projects alone are expected to generate 1.6 million megawatts of power yearly, supplying more than 150,000 homes. According to the agreement, Dominion Power will purchase 80 MW of solar power yearly.

A New Model of Clean Energy Growth

This type of agreement suggests that in coming years corporations interested in large renewable energy projects could turn to utilities as a matter of course in developing custom solutions for each company’s specific energy needs.

Following is a video showing Amazon’s Wind Farm Fowler Ridge.

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