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Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck is a Heavy Duty All Electric Delivery Vehicle

The Urban eTruck is a new prototype stemming from a collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and Daimler Trucks. Described as a heavy-duty all-electric vehicle, the Urban eTruck weighs 29 tons and features a range of 124 miles. Three lithium-ion battery modules make up the whole battery pack of the truck, which Mercedes hopes can be utilized for […]

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Lockheed Skunk Works Spider Robot Will Identify and Repair Blimp Leaks
5 Futuristic Auto & Transport System Designs
Formula 1’s Halo Design Cockpit Protection Delayed Until 2018
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Robotic Onesie Helps Babies at Risk For Cerebral Palsy By Developing Brain and Motor Skills

Some call it a robotic exoskeleton and others, like myself, prefer the term robotic onesie. Regardless, everyone can agree that the University of Oklahoma’s robotic onesie is an incredible invention as it is designed to help prevent cerebral palsy in babies at risk of the illness. The robotic onesie, which is actually a motorized device, […]

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Sculptor Created ‘Super Human’ With Massive Head, Extra Nipples, and No Neck to Launch Road Safety Campaign
Global Transportation Management for Fast, Responsive & Dependable Service
Turning a Basketball Court Into an Olympic Swimming Pool Looks Like a Piece of Cake
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