Robotic Onesie Helps Babies at Risk For Cerebral Palsy By Developing Brain and Motor Skills

By: | July 30th, 2016

YouTube/IEEE Spectrum

Some call it a robotic exoskeleton and others, like myself, prefer the term robotic onesie.

Regardless, everyone can agree that the University of Oklahoma’s robotic onesie is an incredible invention as it is designed to help prevent cerebral palsy in babies at risk of the illness.

The robotic onesie, which is actually a motorized device, propels babies forward, enabling them to crawl around and develop brain and motor skills as early as possible.

Children at risk of cerebral palsy typically will stop crawling before they are a year old, which limits the brain in its development of new motor skills.

The robotic onesie promotes brain growth and the researchers behind the exoskeleton are currently carrying out a trial involving 56 infants, which will allow them to collect real-time brain activity for the further development of the device.

Marshall Smith

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