5 Futuristic Auto & Transport System Designs

By: | July 29th, 2016

Tel Aviv Sky Cars

Tel Aviv Sky Cars (Image Courtesy www.thetrentonline.com)

What would a driver of a Ford Model T, back in the day, think of today’s Toyota Prius or Tesla Model S?¬†It’s always fun to look at “cars or transport technology of the future” as they employ technologies we can barely dream of now. The fact that future transport systems, including automobiles, may not even have a human driver is something earlier generations may not have envisaged.

The following video shows five of the most interesting cars/ transport systems of the future:

AeroMobil 3.0 – a road vehicle that is also capable of flying.

FlyKly SmartWheel electric motor, wheel combo for bicycles and scooters.

Honda Air – powered by compressed air.

Hyperloop is a futuristic idea that may become one of the fastest land transportation systems available.

skyTran Рan above ground system that uses a magnetic levitation system.

David Russell Schilling

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