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Nano-Biological Computers Require Less Than 1% of the Energy Consumed by Electronic Transistors

Biocomputers: the Merging of Biology & Computer Science IndustryTap has written extensively about biomimicry, the design of technology inspired by living systems. As it turns out, Moore’s law may live on for a long time with the efficiencies provided by a new model of computing known as optical quantum DNA computing. Scientists and engineers have […]
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Tony Hawk Landed What Might Be His Last 900 at the Age of 48
2008 BMW GINA Concept Inspired These Futuristic Looking Shoes From Puma
Communication Satellites Feeding an Information Hungry World
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Film Features Real Photographs and Plasma Frequencies Received by the Voyager Spacecrafts

Voyager 1 and 2 are still exploring the solar system, since almost 40 years ago, when the Voyager spacecrafts were first launched back in 1977. The Voyager spacecrafts have traveled further in space than anything ever, with the Voyager 2 successfully making its way to Uranus and Neptune, and both spacecrafts having flown by Saturn […]
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Tesla Owner Creates Autonomous Charging System For His Model S
The ArcaMini is a Small Electric Skateboard Created by a Private Space Organization
The Ins and Outs of Increasingly Complex Global Trading
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