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ColliderCase Wants to Help Bring Museums to Life Through Animated Holographics

Most people have been to a museum or two in their lifetime, whether it be by field trip in school or by choice. Some museums are awful while others are awesome. However, almost all have the same thing in common when it comes to interacting with the artifacts housed in the museum: You simply can’t […]

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Samsung Patents a Smartwatch that Makes Your Hand Part of the Display
BOx Smart Bottle Opener Offers Beer Drinking Leaderboard That’s Sharable With Your Friends
Examining the Role of 3D Printed Buildings in Revolutionizing Our Planet
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Disney’s Remotely Operated Robot Can Thread a Needle and Move an Egg Delicately

When I was growing up, Disney pretty much stuck to making awesome television shows, theme parks, and movies. They were great at those things. Now, Disney wears many hats, one of them being funding the development of robotics and robotics research. Disney’s new remotely operated robot is rather impressive in the fact that it can […]

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Utilizing Genetically Modified Insects to Save Hawaii’s Birds
Pfizer Moves to Block Use of Its Drugs for Capital Punishment
The Pocket Tripod is a Durable Mini-Stand For Your Smartphone
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