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Fully Electric With 16 propellers, Joby S2 is a Revolutionary VTOL Aircraft

The idea of a flying car has been stuck on the drawing board for decades. But thanks to accelerating developments in technology, personal electric vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft may soon become a reality. Commuter Craft – The Future of Commuting California-based aircraft manufacturer Joby Aviation has developed a two-seater aircraft named the Joby […]

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Baidu is Testing Autonomous Cars in China While Samsung Builds Self-Driving Parts
Cat Gets 3D Printed Titanium Prosthetic Legs to Help It Walk
Google Claims Its Quantum Computer is Lightning Fast, But Does It Really Work?
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World’s First ‘Solar Road’ is Generating More Power Than Expected

Just imagine if our roads could act as solar panels and are able to generate power for our houses as well as charge the electric vehicles that drive on them. The Netherlands built the world’s first solar road in Krommenie, dubbed as SolaRoad, a year ago. It is an experimental bike path that functions as a giant solar […]

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This Company Envisions Las Vegas’s Hyperloop to Be an Open-Air Track
Remote Sensing & Sustainable Land Use
‘Switching Off’ Certain Genes Could Boost Lifespan by 60 Percent, Say Scientists
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