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UNREAL: Drifting Race Car Being Chased By a Bolkov BO105 Aerobatic Helicopter!

Felix Baumgartner is widely known as the man who successfully leaped from the stratosphere and lived to tell about it. Now, he’s back in action, but this time showing off his passion for flying helicopters in an insane Red Bull stunt that features him chasing a drifting race car in an aerobatic helicopter. As you […]

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Sleeping Through Your Alarm? This High Voltage Ejector Bed Will Throw You Out!
Boeing’s Newest Autonomous Sub Goes for a Dip
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George Fox University Systems Admin Creates Crazy iWheel From 36 Empty iMac Boxes

George Fox University systems administrator Mike Campadore had an idea for what he could do with all the empty iMac boxes laying around classrooms of the engineering school. It would take over a year for Campadore to collect enough boxes, 36 to be exact, but when he did, all systems were go for his “iWheel” […]

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The World’s Smallest Cordless Drill and Circular Saw Were Actually 3D-Printed
The WalkCar is a Small, Laptop-Like Transportation Device You Can Roll Around Town On
A New Divine Wind: Japan Eyes Harvesting Offshore Hydrogen to Power Its Future
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