The WalkCar is a Small, Laptop-Like Transportation Device You Can Roll Around Town On

By: | August 12th, 2015

YouTube/Cocoa Motors

More and more, little mobility devices just keep popping up.

The latest one gaining steam on the internet is called the WalkCar, essentially a laptop-looking device that allows you to ride around seamlessly on the streets with no handlebars or anything.

Created by Kuniako Saito and a team of engineers at his company, Cocoa Motors, the WalkCar is merely 6.6 pounds and features four wheels.

It’s perfect for a short commute in the city as it is capable of transporting passengers as heavy as 265 pounds for upwards of seven-and-a-half miles on a single, three-hour charge.

You stop the WalkCar by simply stepping off the device and turn by moving your weight back and forth while riding.

Look for WalkCar’s designers to start a KickStarter campaign relatively soon as they need a little more money to finalize the product and get it ready for the public.

For $800, depending on how well it works, the WalkCar could be a great investment for commutes under 8 miles.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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