The World’s Smallest Cordless Drill and Circular Saw Were Actually 3D-Printed

By: | August 10th, 2015

New Zealand’s Lance Abernethy is known for producing some crazy creations, many times employing the help of 3D-printing.

His latest creations, the world’s smallest cordless drill and circular saw blade, were both 3D-printed and yes, they actually work.

The miniature saw is powered by a tiny hearing aid battery, allowing the saw to spin quite fast for such a small object.

Using an Ultimaker 2, Abernethy 3D-printed the circular saw using four separate pieces that required just an hour to create because, well, the pieces are minuscule.

At merely half-a-millimeter thick, the saw’s plastic safety guard doesn’t really need to provide much safety because the blade is harmless.

In the future, Abernethy plans on creating another saw with some legitimate cutting power.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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