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World’s First Bionic Eye Implant Restores Central Vision of British Pensioner

Try closing one eye and keeping it closed for 10 years. Losing vision in one eye is severely debilitating for anyone, particularly for those who are active, engaged, and involved in the world. Now, an 80-year-old British pensioner, Raymond Flynn, of Manchester, has become the world’s first bionic eye implant recipient. For Mr. Flynn, who had partial […]

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Space Tugs to Capture Defunct Satellites With Static Electricity, Fling Into Outerspace
At 164 Feet, World’s Deepest Pool Could Prove to be a Vital Asset for Astronauts
Watch a Computer Endlessly Sing Number-One 90s Ballads With Human Sentiments
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East London’s Olympic Park Tower Being Reworked Into a Massive, Looping Slide

Growing up, I used to dream of gigantic slides being placed sporadically throughout office building and large towers just because, why not? It always seemed like a cool idea or having a water slide from your bedroom windown down to a pool or something. I guess I watched too many movies… Now, Anish Kapoor’s Orbit […]

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Sony is Getting Into the Drone Business to Leverage Its Successful Image Sensors
In-Pipe Hydropower: Electric Generators in Water Pipeline Infrastructure
Amidst Remote Hijacking Vulnerability, Chrysler Issues Recall of 1.4 Million Vehicles
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