East London’s Olympic Park Tower Being Reworked Into a Massive, Looping Slide

By: | July 31st, 2015

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Growing up, I used to dream of gigantic slides being placed sporadically throughout office building and large towers just because, why not?

It always seemed like a cool idea or having a water slide from your bedroom windown down to a pool or something. I guess I watched too many movies…

Now, Anish Kapoor’s Orbit Tower, located in East London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, appears to be doing the unthinkable.

The Olympic Park Tower is being reworked as enormous 180m enclosed tunnel slide, which will loop the tower five times before delivering passengers to the bottom along a 50m straight deceleration stretch.

Sounds pretty intense right?

Maybe, but to me it sounds like a dream come true! I’ll definitely ante up $8 to ride down this thing at least once just for the experience.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

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