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Audi Developing Moon Rover for Potential $30 Million Payday From Google’s Lunar Xprize

Audi has enlisted a team of German scientists and engineers in order to help the car company build a moon rover for the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition. The team, called Part-Time Scientists, is backed by Audi which claims to be “supporting the [project] with… know-how in several fields of technology – from Quattro all-wheel drive […]

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This Mysterious Sinkhole in China Has a Unique Ecosystem of Plants and Birds
The MoDe:Flex is Ford’s Latest Smartbike and Features a ‘No Sweat’ Mode for Optimal Laziness
Blacksmith Releases Fascinating Video Documenting How He Forges Fireplace Tongs
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Ever Wondered How Prosthetic Eyes Are Made? Well, Watch and Learn…

Unfortunately, some people lose an eye or eyes whether it be from a disease or accident, and these events happen on a regular basis. But have you ever wondered where these people go to get prosthetic eyes made? A small, extremely talented team at Moorfields Eye Hospital helps people in need by creating around 1,400 […]

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Nissan’s Ridiculous Juke-R 2.0 is Good for a Scorching 600 Horsepower
Cheaper 3D Printed Rats for Dissection Will Save Millions of Animals From Cruelty
Team From Berkeley Created This Robot Cockroach and It Will Creep You Out!
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