The MoDe:Flex is Ford’s Latest Smartbike and Features a ‘No Sweat’ Mode for Optimal Laziness

By: | June 27th, 2015


The MoDe:Flex is a brand new smartbike from Ford, who have been developing the bicycle along with the company’s Peer-2-Peer Car Sharing scheme.

This smartbike is the third such offering from Ford and comes equipped with a motor and battery, in addition to being foldable for added mobility.

Being a smartbike, Ford’s Flex is capable of interacting with your smartphone in order to do things such as activate a “no sweat” mode which calculates the minimal effort you can put in while pedaling to your destination.

Other features that can sync between your bike and phone include real-time weather, road, and traffic data.

Lastly, and possibly a ploy for you to buy an Apple Watch, the bike comes with an extension that connects to the watch and, in turn, detects potholes and vibrates the handlebars to warn riders of potholes ahead.

I like the general idea, but I still don’t know if the public is sold on smartbikes quite yet… Similar to wearables, there seems to be a feeling-out process going on.



Michael Cooney

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