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Hunting Dark Matter with the Silicon Vertex Tracker

Just when physicists hunted down the Higgs Boson, they took up a new quest: hunting for dark matter. According to scientists, the universe is composed of 73% dark energy, 23% dark matter and just 4% regular matter which includes people, planets, and stars. Dark matter is the new holy grail because it gives shape to galaxies […]

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The Most Daring Engineering Projects in the World
British Designer Seb Lester Can Draw Insanely Accurate Logos With a Calligraphy Pen
Jaguar Land Rover Has Patented Rear Window Tech You Control With Your Eyes
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Seawer Skyscraper Will Clear the World’s Oceans of Plastic, Generate Clean Energy

Did you know the largest landfill in the world is not on land but in the Pacific Ocean and is commonly known as Great Pacific Garbage Patch? As per Greenpeace, a majority of marine debris is plastic. The organization estimates this debris is about 3 million tons in weight and can cover an area twice the […]

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Los Angeles Head Butts St. Louis Over Rams, Huge New NFL Stadiums in Store
Lightning LS-218: The World’s Fastest Accelerating Electric Superbike
Aston Martin’s 37-Foot-Long AM37 Power Boat Brings Luxury to the Open Water
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