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Japanese Airliner ANA Designed a Brand New R2-D2 Jumbo Jet! Well, Kind Of….

Japanese airline ANA announced a new Star Wars R2-D2 jumbo jet last week that has people freaking out. While the plane does resemble the loveable droid from the series, the plane is actually just a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner with droid wrappings. Regardless, I would be super stoked to see this thing in the sky and/or get […]

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Ford Created an Incredible Foosball Table, Featuring Real Grass and Its Own Ecosystem
World Economic Forum’s Top 10 Emerging Technologies, 2015
Manned Strike Fighter Aircraft a Thing of the Past? The Navy is Turning to Drones…
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A Group of Designers Want to Turn Egyptian Pyramid into a Desertification-Fighting Skyscraper

One of the major consequences of climate change is desertification. Deserts are growing day by day at an alarming rate. In order to solve this problem, a US-based design team has put forward an ambitious solution: the Bio-Pyramid. Bio-pyramid: A team of seven designers set their project in Egypt, situated on the edge of the Sahara Desert, […]

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Southwest Airlines Adding 0.7 More Inches of Seat Room… Can’t Guarantee Who Gets the Arm Rest
Solar Powered Wi-Fi and Retrofitted Buildings: Los Angeles Prepares for a Quake Disaster
Electric Vehicle Owners in San Francisco Now Have 3 Free Off-the-Grid Charging Stations
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