Electric Vehicle Owners in San Francisco Now Have 3 Free Off-the-Grid Charging Stations

By: | April 22nd, 2015

Envision Solar

Envision Solar has provided three off-the-grid charging stations powered entirely by solar energy in San Francisco, allowing electric vehicle owners to charge their cars for free.

The three Electric Vehicle Autonomous Renewable Chargers are valued at $45,000 a piece and generate 3.3 kilowatts of electricity.

San Francisco’s Department of the Environment, assisted by Charge Across Town, contributed to bringing the self-contained charging stations to the city, which will remain in San Francisco through the rest of 2015.

“The mobile solar units will collect data on frequency and duration of use,” Envision Solar said in a press release.

After the data is collected and thoroughly studied, the charging stations will then be donated to the areas that saw the most charging activity.

San Francisco’s Mayor, Edwin Lee, said at a press conference, “This program allows the City of San Francisco to demonstrate that electric vehicles can charge from 100-percent renewable sources and with no impact to grid operations, making better use of our energy supply.”

Marshall Smith

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