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Inside Look at Ferrari’s FXX K: The $2.9 Million Beast Only Deliverable to Race Tracks

If you have the money to splurge on Ferrari’s new $2.9 million FXX K, there will be one place and one place only you get to drive your new vehicle…a race track. That’s right. Ferrari literally holds your FXX K at its factory until you get the itch to whip around a race track, and then […]

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GE Repurposing RFID Tags as Tiny Explosive Detecting Sensors… Anti-Terrorism Breakthrough?
United States to Start Selling Unmanned Strike Aircraft to Allied Countries
MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab Has Created a Chair That Puts Itself Together in Water… Future of Furniture?
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Forget Dogs… The Marines Are Testing GuardBot, a Robot Guard Ball!

The Marine Corps is experimenting with a robot guard ball called GuardBot, essentially a big tire body with a dome on each side of its spherical core. GuardBot is being tested for its viability as an amphibious scout, and interestingly enough, its design was originally created with the idea to one day send it to Mars. […]

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Tesla Batteries Soon to be Placed in People’s Homes
Don’t Let Air Conditioning Overheat Your Utility Bill With These Futuristic 3D Printed Ceramic Bricks
Gold Nanotubes Can Image and Destroy Cancer Cells Without Any Side Effects
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