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The Valveless Duke Axial Engine Is Lighter, More Compact, & More Powerful Than Conventional Engines… With Less Moving Parts!

New Zealand’s Duke Engines has done the unthinkable by successfully creating a unique axial engine prototype that boasts excellent power and torque, without utilizing any valves whatsoever. The engine is lighter and smaller than anything comparable, not to mention more simplistic than the existing technology. The 3-liter, five cylinder Duke Axial Engine utilizes an innovative […]

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A Chocolate 3D Printer Is About To Come To Fruition Thanks To Hershey’s!
Hector: A Creepy Stick Bug Robot That Can Easily Maneuver Through All Types Of Terrain
Transforming Tire Scrap Into Sport Fields, Noise Barriers & More
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Cairo’s Gate Residence Features Lovely Green Living… Inspired By The Structure of Coral Reefs

Paris-based firm Vincent Callebaut Architectures (VCA) has just unveiled a new multi-use complex in Cairo, Egypt. The complex, named Gate Residence, is inspired by the structure of coral reefs. The Gate project will ensure a fine balance between high quality of life and respect of the environment. The complex is a hyper-connected ecosystem designed to […]

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Riot Control Vehicles & Equipment Markets Booming Worldwide
Zurich’s Automobile Congestion Pricing Plan
Could Earth’s Magnetic Poles Flip In a Human Lifespan? It Appears So, Though Not In Ours…
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