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François Gissy Breaks Speed Record by Hitting 207 MPH On a Rocket-Powered Bicycle

Daredevil Frenchman François Gissy has broken the speed record for highest speed ever on a rocket-powered bicycle, hitting 207 miles per hour at a French racetrack. Gissy’s elongated bike had a rocket powered by hydrogen-peroxide strapped to the back of it and screamed off the line, easily leaving a Ferrari behind on the track. According […]

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NBA Champion Marco Belinelli Teaches a Robot How To Shoot 3 Pointers
Mexico City’s New Airport Will Be the Most Sustainable Airport in the World
Put The Lime in the Coconut and Turn Coconut Coir into Car Parts
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Private IMAX Theaters Now Being Installed on Superyachts

IndustryTap has written a number of articles on superyachts (see list below) that cost from $300 to $500 million. But we’ve never seen superyachts with private IMAX theaters. Superyachts are getting bigger with the largest nearly 600 feet (180m) long. Owners want their superyachts to boast luxuries like multiple helicopter pads, discos, piano bars, wine […]

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Pininfarina, The Company That Designs Ferraris, Has Created an $11,000 Bicycle
Nuclear Fusion “Energy Miracle” Attracting Both Silicon Valley & Unconventional Funding
French Startup Prynt Debuts $99 Smartphone Case With a Built-In Printer
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