Private IMAX Theaters Now Being Installed on Superyachts

By: | November 14th, 2014

Superyachts With Private IMAX Theaters

Movie time! Superyachts With Private IMAX Theaters (Image Courtesy

IndustryTap has written a number of articles on superyachts (see list below) that cost from $300 to $500 million. But we’ve never seen superyachts with private IMAX theaters.

Superyachts are getting bigger with the largest nearly 600 feet (180m) long. Owners want their superyachts to boast luxuries like multiple helicopter pads, discos, piano bars, wine cellars, and all kinds of defensive capabilities, from bulletproof windows and Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) proof hulls to machine gun turrets and more.

Superyacht Owners Want Vertiginous Viewing Experience

A company called Yacht Intelligence (YI), a leader in supplying custom audiovisual and control solutions to super yacht owners, has partnered with Genesis Technologies, a distributor of IMAX private theaters. YI & IMAX have developed a fully immersive cinematic experience for Ken Freivokh Design of the UK. The theater will be part of a new 500 ft (150 m) superyacht scheduled for delivery in 2015.

The following image shows the IMAX theater with a 22 seat capacity.

Superyachts With Private IMAX Theaters

22 Seat Theater – Superyachts With Private IMAX Theaters (Image Courtesy

IMAX Private Theater Technology

IMAX Private Theaters are now being installed in yachts 328 feet (100 m) and up. This is part of a trend of the use of IMAX technology in high-end homes where screens are typically 20 feet (6 m) wide. One problem with IMAX movies is they must be downloaded hours ahead of the scheduled viewing time, typically overnight, in order to be ready for play.

Superyachts With Private IMAX Theaters

Superyachts With Private IMAX Theaters (Image Courtesy

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