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GPS-Tracking Bullets Could Reduce the Danger of High-Speed Car Chases

Starchase is a cannon for police cars that fires GPS “bullets” at vehicles during car chases. Essentially, at the push of a button, the grill opens and the gun fires the GPS bullet at the car the police are going after. From there, if successful, the officers no longer have to risk life and limb […]

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Scientists Discover Gliese 832c, a New Planet Similar to Earth
Construction Crew Discovers World War I Railroad Relic
New Report Says the U.S. is Now the World’s Biggest Oil Producer
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Planes Narrowly Avoid Collision at Barcelona Airport… Caught In HD!

Two planes avoided a major tragedy this past weekend at Barcelona Airport after a Utair Boeing 767-300 from Moscow narrowly avoided colliding with a Aerolineas Argentineas Airbus A340-300 on the runway. Luckily, the Utair pilots aborted their landing at the last second in order to clear the Airbus on the ground! Watch the full footage […]

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Is Gehry’s Berlin Skyscraper Design Too Heavy for Its Site?
Porsche Panamera Turbo Now the World’s Fastest Camera Car
Half Mile High Tower in the Desert Could Generate as Much Power as the Hoover Dam
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