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NASA Crashes its $344 Million DART Spacecraft on an Asteroid

The Earth has been hit before by asteroids and will be again someday. Though the Earth is in no immediate danger, an asteroid’s impact can cause global disaster if it hit the Earth. To defend the Earth against asteroids headed our way, NASA has hit an Asteroid in the first-ever planetary defense test. It was […]

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SIEMENS Commissions Green Hydrogen Plant in Germany
DAIMLER Truck: Longest-Range Electric Truck Revealed
World’s First Implantable Shock Absorber for Knee Shows Promise in the Clinical Trial
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New Technology Sheds Light on Early Detection of Multi-Cancer

“Cancer Moonshot” – the initiative that President Biden relaunched in February 2022 might see a turning point with a new breakthrough development. A Silicon Valley-based biotech company, Grail, has developed a single blood test that can detect multiple types of cancer early in people who seem perfectly healthy, called the Galleri test. The capability of […]

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The World’s Largest Geothermal Lagoon Is Set to Be Built in Canada
LAND ROVER: NEW 2023 Defender Limited Edition Revealed
Soon You May Be Able to 3D Print Your Next Wooden Chair
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