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Science Fiction to Reality: World’s First International Holographic Teleportation Conducted Successfully

The concept of teleportation is usually reserved for science fiction like Star Wars or Star Trek. But holographic technology has reached a point where it will be common practice to visit somewhere else near-instantaneously. A group of students from the Western Institute for Space Exploration at Western University in Canada gathered in a campus meeting […]

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NASA Plans To Return Mars Samples To Earth
The Incredible Plan for a 105-Mile-Long Linear City in the Saudi Desert
Biofuel Revolution: Scientists Produce Rocket-Launching Biofuel from Common Soil Bacteria
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MIT Engineers Develop Wearable Ultrasound Stickers for Continuous Imaging

Ultrasound is a non-invasive diagnostic technique extensively used to produce high-resolution images of a patient’s internal organs. This technique is the safest and most used form of medical imaging. However, ultrasound imaging requires bulky and specialized equipment. But a tiny sticker designed by MIT engineers might make ultrasound as simple as buying Band-Aids at the pharmacy. Their […]

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A Tiny Robot with ‘Human-Like Hands’ Can Lift A Thousand Times its Weight
Airbus A400M can Drop 20 Tonnes of Water in Seconds to Combat Wildfires
Electricity from Your Sweat Could Revolutionize Wearable Electronics Tech
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