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Switzerland’s Futuristic Autonomous, Underground Cargo Project

All the goods, normally transported on busy roads will travel underground on driverless vehicles through a 310-mile (500 km) network of tunnels. The demand for more roads and rail networks is ever-increasing with growing cities and economic activities. Even the widest highway will also fill up sooner than anticipated. Cargo sous terrain (CST), could be the solution […]

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Volvo Cars Will Build a New EV Factory in Slovakia
Scientists Remotely Control Flies By hacking their brains
New Raspberry Pi Pico W IoT Platform Introduced
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Algae-Filled Solar Panels to Provide Power and Oxygen While Absorbing CO2

Algae are simple plants that range from microscopic (microalgae) to large seaweeds (macroalgae). Living in saline or freshwater environments, algae soak up sunlight, absorb carbon dioxide, and in return breathe out oxygen. Researchers from all around the world have been working on ways to harness the microorganisms’ special abilities. Now, a Mexico-based start-up Greenfluidics have […]

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MIT Engineers Find the Most Energy Efficient Way to Boil Water
Shanghai University Proposes Using Robots for COVID Testing
Scientists Create Nearly Invisible Solar Cells Based On Tungsten Disulfide
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