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World’s First Portable MRI Machine Helps Doctors Make Quick Life or Death Determination

MRI machines can be used to detect cases of stroke that require immediate surgical intervention. But these huge and expensive MRI machines require custom-built rooms due to their powerful magnetic field. Therefore patients are brought to the MRI scanners rather than the other way around. This is about to change soon! Hyperfine, a healthcare technology […]

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It Rained In Greenland’s Ice Sheet for the First Time Ever Recorded
Fast and furious: the US Army tests its rapidly developed first laser weapon
‘Britishvolt’ Signs Cobalt-Supply Deal with Glencore for its Gigafactory
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World’s First Autonomous, Fully Electric Cargo Ship Is Ready to Make Its First Voyage

Shipping is vital to the global economy. More than 90 percent of global trade is seaborne. Every year, some 90,000 cargo ships crisscross the world’s oceans. But the entire shipping industry produces carbon emissions. According to the International Maritime Organization, it accounts for about 2.2% of all global greenhouse gas emissions. To transform the highly […]

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Brand New Wood-Alternative Material Wins the 2021 USA James Dyson Award
Waymo Won’t Sell Any More LiDAR Units to Other Companies
Smaller Than Dust Particles super-capacitor packs the same voltage as a AAA battery
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