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ITER Fusion Reactor Preparing to Welcome the Strongest Magnet Ever Built

When it comes to fusion reactors, it is all about creating the conditions for the existence of superhot plasma, and to contain that plasma in its form, one needs a very powerful magnetic field. ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) is about to commission the most powerful magnet system ever built, which is going to be […]

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The Nanofiber Membrane Makes Seawater Drinkable within Minutes
New Wireless Pacemaker Dissolves In The Body After Use
Blossoming Beach Umbrella Uses Solar Energy to Cool You Down
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Scotland Is Building Large-Scale CO2 Removal Facility That Can Capture A Million Tonnes A Year

Considering climate change and its aftereffects, scientists are working on finding ways to tackle greenhouse gas emissions and capture carbon. So, scientists are planning a large facility capable of extracting significant amounts of carbon dioxide from the air in Scotland.  This plant is expected to remove up to one million tonnes of CO2 every year. […]

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Why Pump Vibration Monitoring Is so Crucial in Damage Prevention
Siri’s Sister is Now Working at McDonald’s, And The Staff Loves Having Her Around
World’s First Cultured Meat Production Plant Opens in Israel
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