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China’s FAST Telescope Will Open to Scientists Globally in April

The FAST telescope, which stands for “Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope”, has announced that it will open up to the global scientific community on April 1, 2021. This is the world’s largest filled-aperture radio telescope, build in a natural karst depression in Guizhou, China. Also, it’s the telescope that “stole” the title from Arecibo, which […]

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Global carbon emissions down by record 7% in 2020
The Effects of THC and CBD Products on Our Water Use
Scientists Are Planning To Harvest Energy From Black Holes
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Astronauts Eat First Radishes Grown In Space

NASA has plans to eventually put humans on Mars. For providing fresh eats for astronauts headed to the moon and Mars, scientists are conducting many plant experiments. It won’t be easy for astronauts to live off freeze-dried food for months or years at a time. So, scientists are working on everything from cultivated meat to grow vegetables. […]

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COVID-19 Vaccines for Microchipping People
Exploring the Increased Popularity of Cobots
Researchers Microwave Coal Powder Into Valuable Nano-Graphite
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