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LG Unveils Face Mask with Built-In Fans and Filters to ‘Purify the Air’

Korean electronics giant LG has officially unveiled its upcoming air-purifying face mask, the PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier. The company has adapted its home air purifying technology into the mask that you wear on your face.  Here are some of its features: PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier will come with twin H13 HEPA filters, multi-speed fans, and a UV-LED […]

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Honeybee Sting Can Cure Breast Cancer
Army of Ultra-Tiny Robots That Crawl Inside Human Bodies to Treat an Illness
This Gigantic Exoskeleton Can Lift A Truck But It’s Created For Racing
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The Most Useful 3D Printing Applications in Agriculture

While 3D printing as a technology has a wide range of applications and can bring novel benefits to a large variety of fields, the agricultural sector stands to win the most out of the adoption of this tech. Already, 3D printing is getting more common in farming circles, and some applications have grown to become […]

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What is stem cell therapy?
World’s fastest internet speed of 178TB/s would let you download the entire Netflix library in seconds
Google AI Can Design Efficient Computer Chips in a few Hours
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