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Virgin Galactic’s New Supersonic Jet Would Fly Three Times Speed of Sound

Virgin Galactic, the space-tourism company is developing a high-speed commercial aircraft capable of flying at Mach 3, or three times the speed of sound. Recently Virgin Galactic unveiled the design for an upcoming supersonic jet. It could bring about change in the way we travel…allowing flying from New York to London in 90 minutes. George […]

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Hitachi ABB “Grid-eMotion” Solves EV Fleet Charging Puzzle
Indian School Girls Discover a New Asteroid Making Way to Earth
Underwater ‘Space Station’ Could Revolutionize Ocean Research
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Lamborghini Unveils Limited-Edition, Essenza SCV12 Hypercar Which Is Illegal To Drive on the Highway

Lamborghini has officially released the Essenza SCV12- a limited-edition hypercar. The Essenza SCV12 offers more power than any other naturally aspirated V12 model created by Lamborghini. Essenza SCV12 is developed by Squadra Corse, the company’s racing division, and is designed by Lamborghini Centro Stile.  Stefano Domenicali, CEO and chairman of Automobili Lamborghini said, “The Essenza […]

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Scottish Startup Creates Brick Made Almost Entirely Of Construction Waste
The Estimated Impact of COVID-19 to the Diaphragm Pumps Market
The Choice of PTFE as a Diaphragm Material
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