A List of 5 of The Best and Latest Innovations In The Mobile Phone World

By: | April 26th, 2016

The mobile phone world is always evolving and there are some truly edgy phones out there. Here are five of the best and latest innovations.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is an elegant phone that really lives up to its name. The phone feels good in the hand, thanks to the curved design of the phone. It’s actually larger than the previous model, but you hardly notice it as you carry it around. The display is 5.5 inches and boasts a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440. Not only that, the phone blocks out any pixels that are not in use to give the best contrast between colors. It’s also water resistant to 1.5 meters and can quite happily sit in that depth of water for half an hour and come away unharmed. This is more of a safety feature, though, than a phone for use underwater.

LG V10

The LG V10 is a pricey little number, but it’s all about the cameras with this handset. The V10 is the opening phone for the V-range and LG’s avenue for exploration in mobile technology. The phone has two front-facing cameras, two displays and a wide variety of photo tools, plus features you don’t find on many other phones, such as a removable battery and an expandable memory.
The first display is 5.5 inches and is sharp, but it’s the second display that steals the show. You can personalize this to include your favorite apps and contacts, as well as to update your calendar. Notifications are also possible.

iPhone 6S Plus

The iPhone 6S Plus is almost like the phone the iPhone 6 wanted to be. It’s bigger, it’s faster — thanks to its 2 GB of RAM — and more powerful, and it even feels slightly like a tablet. The display is 5.5 inches instead of 4.7 inches and gives you a higher resolution. The phone is also better for taking photos because its optical image stabilization allows you to take blur-free shots. This function is also available for the video camera. You can also enjoy the 3D Touch feature, which responds to the pressure of your touch on the screen.

Galaxy Note 5

Available in gold, silver, sapphire black and white, the Galaxy Note 5 is simply beautiful. The display is 5.7 inches, with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 (515 pixels per inch), but what really sets this phone apart from others is the S-Pen stylus feature which allows you to jot things down, just as if your phone was a note pad, before comfortably clicking the S-Pen back into its holster. Other neat characteristics of the phone include a 16 MP camera lens and flash.

Sony Experia Z5 Compact

The Sony Experia Z5 Compact is a “mini” phone that packs a real punch. The phone is so light — it weighs just 138 grams — that you’ll hardly know you’re carrying it, and yet it still manages to hold a camera of 23 MP with rich colors. The images on the screen are crisp and bright, and you can comfortably hold the phone and run your thumb across the screen with the same hand. The phone is equipped with 2 GB of RAM, enabling it to cope with apps comfortably.

These are handsome phones, but it’s always best to compare handsets and see what the best deals are before you invest in one. You want to look the part!

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