Empower Semiconductor: Silicon capacitor Density & Performance Innovation

By: | July 21st, 2022

Image by Cristian Ibarra from Pixabay

The California-based leader in high-performance power management Integrated Voltage Regulators (IVR) Empower Semiconductor, recently announced that its E-CAPTM family has been expanded. The new further progress in high performance, density, simplicity, and size is presented as a breakthrough in the silicon capacitors technology platform. The large range of applications features IoT, 5G, wearable mobile devices, etc.

The E-CAPTM is a family of superior high-frequency and high-performance capacitors.  The newest member of the E-CAPTM family is the thinnest, most compact, cost beneficial and flexible capacitor in the industry. The density is 5-times higher than the top-of-the-range multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs). This new solution features a 1.1 µF/mm2 density (twice the density of a different equivalent silicon capacitor technology), with thickness levels of only 50 µm. Capacitors in the range from 75 pF to 5 µF can be matched and integrated into a custom capacitor array. The advantages also include a significant component count reduction, as well as no AC or DC bias de-rating requirement. 

 “Our technology provides new options for demanding applications in IoT, wearables, mobile, and processors where size, performance, and flexibility are essential. The latest improvements in density and performance make E-CAP ideal for next-generation, data-intensive systems that demand high-frequency operation and maximum efficiency from the smallest possible form factors.”, as said by Empower’s SVP of Sales and Marketing, Steve Shultis.

The IVR technology from Empower Semiconductor offers numerous advantages regarding innovational power solutions. The company’s mission is to offer new and fully integrated power management solutions, and to minimize the energy consumption of the digital economy, as today’s industries are increasingly dependent on power electronics for efficiency improvements. The IVR increases the efficiency by removing connection losses and delivers power with high speed and accuracy that provide an answer to complex designs applied to traditional power solutions. As opposed to the IVR, the traditional solutions are inefficient and inaccurate, with poor response times.


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