Wasp Brings A New Approach To Manufacturing In Japan: The Customized Serial Production Thanks To The Digital Clay Factory

By: | June 15th, 2023

Image source by WASP

At AM Japan 2023 trade show, Tokyo.

WASP will participate in the trade show AM Japan (Additive Manufacturing EXPO) that will take place from June 21st to 23rd 2023 in Tokyo Big Sight, booth 5-1.

Since its beginning, WASP has been focusing on the development of a 3D printing system that allows the use of natural materials such as Clay. We will present the most advanced solutions for 3D printing ceramic and experimental paste materials in general with the latest version of the Clay Line printer. 

What you will find at AM trade show

Image source by WASP

During the exhibition, we will print with Delta WASP 2040 Clay, WASP 401 00 Clay, and WASP 40100 Clay Production which has two proprietary solutions: the Continuous Feeding System and conveyor belt. Additionally, WASP will present for the first time the new 3D modeling tool.

The new digital factory concept for custom serial production

Delta WASP 40100 Clay PRODUCTION is a machine that introduces a new concept of manufacture by combining additive technology, customization, and the serial concept creating a custom serial production. It is an automated process for the 24/7 production of 3D-printed parts with technical materials. This is made by Continuous Feeding System (CFS), an international patented system with mechanically degassed material without a vacuum pump that replaces the limited capacity tank and the conveyor belt that allows the printer to move the object away and starts a new one immediately.

Have you ever thought about a serial production of unique objects?

Image source by WASP

Thanks to WASP’s new slicing software it will be possible to go from prototyping to serial production even with different pieces in the same G-code. The new online tool, which will be launched soon in Japan, will greatly facilitate parametric design for 3D printing even without a dedicated background.

WASP’s digital factory will allow users to create a set of vases, tiles, facades, and design objects.

WASP, who invented Clay 3D printing and has already entered the Japanese market with Crane WASP and other printers of the catalog is now working to increase opportunities in Japan supported by official reseller 3D Printing Corporation and strategic partner IAA Atelier who will be present together with WASP during AM Japan 2023. 

We would like to invite you and your colleagues to visit our booth at the fair. It will be a great opportunity to know each other.


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