How to Bring in More Revenue from Your Mobile Game: 3 Options

By: | March 27th, 2023

Photo by Keira Burton

If you’re not impressed by the amount of revenue you’re managing to pull in from your mobile game, then don’t just sit around hoping for a miracle.

Instead it’s better to take action to redress this situation, and thankfully there are lots of options for catalyzing the volumes of cash that a game generates, so here are a few to consider.

Getting More Users for Your Game: Maximizing App Store Visibility and Increasing Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Gaining more users is key to increasing revenue from your mobile game. As such you should be crafting a user acquisition strategy so that the mobile games in your stable don’t stagnate.

There are a few facets to this process. For instance, to maximize visibility in the app store, make sure to use relevant keywords when creating your title, description and tags. This helps potential players find you easier while they’re browsing the store.

You can also optimize screenshots and videos of gameplay as a way to draw attention. People are more likely to be snared by a captivating image than a well-written description, so don’t skimp on this aspect of your listing.

You should also aim to increaseword-of-mouth advertising. To incentivize this, consider offering a referral system where players are rewarded with something special like extra coins or points if they invite friends who download your game too.

Also, leverage social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and TikTok by creating video content related specifically to your game that encourages sharing among fans on these platforms.

If you’re feeling flush, work with influencers and get them playing (or streaming) your game across various video sites like YouTube or Twitch. This creates an additional layer of engagement from viewers who may be interested in downloading once they see how much fun it looks.

Incentivize Players to Spend Money in the Game: Offering Special Deals, Discounts, or Rewards

Delivering special deals and discounts to existing players is a great way to encourage additional spending within the game’s ecosystem itself.

As part of this, consider setting up limited time offers for virtual items that are only available during a specific period. This creates urgency among users, who may be more likely to make purchases if they know there’s an expiration date.

Additionally, you can offer loyalty rewards where players accumulate points while they play, and can then unlock exclusive rewards based on their progress level.

You could even create bundles, where more in-game content is available at discounted prices so it entices customers into buying multiple items instead of just one item alone. This can help boost sales, as well as encourage loyal customer relationships over time. If you’re not sure how to pitch these promotions, consider using fast-growing AI tools to handle the legwork.

Offer Cross Promotion Opportunities with Other Games

Cross promotion is a clever tactic to increase revenue from your mobile game, which many developers overlook entirely.

Partnering up with other developers, and offering benefits for players who engage in both of your gaming ecosystems, can create a scenario in which both of you stand to benefit from revenue growth.

You can also offer a free trial period where players get to try out another developer’s game before deciding whether they want to make any purchases. This allows them to see what the other title has to offer without committing any money upfront.

Final Thoughts

If your game isn’t raking in revenue at a rate that’s in line with your expectations, then these strategies should bear fruit, so long as you implement them effectively and monitor their performance to ensure they’re working as anticipated. It’s about recognizing that you do have the power to change the fate of your mobile game, if only you’d take action to use it.


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