Planning to Switch to E-Bikes from Regular Bikes? Things to Take into Account

By: | August 12th, 2022

Image by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay

Regular bikes have been a staple vehicle for a long time. Before the invention of engines, bicycles were the best vehicle to travel long distances at a relatively short time. However, with the advancement of technology, we got better vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. Bikes are not lagging far behind.

These E-bikes are faster and much more cost-effective compared to regular bikes. Many people even claim that they will overrule regular road bikes. If you feel that you want to switch to E-bikes, this article has some things for you to consider.

Things to Consider Before Switching to E-bikes

Although both are bicycles and have a somewhat similar appearance and function, they have completely different purposes, and the two cannot be called the same.

So you need to consider a few things to see whether switching would be worth it. Here is a list that showcases these bike-related issues:

1. Bike Mechanics

Many people wonder are E-bikes similar to scooters? The answer is no, they are completely different vehicles. Scooters are fuel-powered motor vehicles. E-bikes on the other hand are just normal bikes with an electric motor attached to them.

Even their appearance is the same as any regular bike. They have the same body frame, geometry, and pedaling system. The only difference is that an electric motor is attached to the bike that helps propel the bike.

2. Electric Assist Bikes

The main purpose of these bikes is to be used as assist bikes. Hence, the name electric assist bikes. They are excellent for people who want to enjoy the cycling experience but do not have the physical capability to actually ride a bicycle. This is why they are a great vehicle for elderly and physically challenged people.

The engine is connected to the pedals. So when the rider gently pushes the pedal, the motor starts, assisting the rider in pedaling. This way, the rider can enjoy riding without too much pressure on the pedals.

3. Speed Difference

This is where the major difference lies between a regular bike and an E-bike. Normal bikes do not have any speed limit, and it all depends on how hard you can pedal. It is possible to reach 30 40 km/h on a regular bicycle, while an E-bike can reach 28 km/h at best.

However, you need to know that you do not have infinite stamina and cannot go for 30 km/h over a long period. However, the E-bike can hold high speed for a long time. So, a regular bike is helpful if you regularly travel a small distance, whereas E-bikes are better for more extended travel.

4. Saves Time

As we discussed in our previous point, E-bikes can have a high average speed compared to a regular bike. That means they can reach their destination much faster than regular bikes. Out of all the bikes, the lighting series e-bikes are the fastest.

This is very important when you travel long distances to meet your relatives or arrive at your job. This is very helpful for delivery professionals as they can deliver products faster.

Since these bikes are motorized, it also helps them carry much more load since the added weight will not pressure the rider.

5. Bike Maintenance

Since E-bikes share their appearance and structure with a regular bike, their maintenance is similar to that of a regular bike. If the bike faces any problem with brakes, gears, handles, or any other parts, you can just take them to any regular bike mechanic.

However, the problem occurs when there is a fault in the electric part, especially the motor. Then you need to take the bike to an E-bike specialist. But these electric components do come with a warranty. So, you can just go and change them if any problem arises.

6. Rules for Riding E-Bikes

Even though E-bikes are just a more advanced variation of regular bikes, they need to follow some different regulations that traditional bikes do not need to follow.

E-bikes have an electric motor. Henceforth, even though they look like regular bikes, they are classified as “motorized vehicles”. But you do not need to have a separate license for riding E-bikes. The only law you must follow is that you must be at least 14 years old to ride an E-bike.

Other than that, most of the rules are the same for E-bikes as they are for regular bikes.

7. Budget

Electric Bikes are much more expensive than regular bikes. The main reason behind this added price is the electric motor. But electric bikes are also made with different materials, making them heavier and easy to control. This also affects the overall price.

Generally, you can get a good road bike by spending around 600-700 USD. You must pay almost double that price if you want to switch to an E-bike. Because the price range for E-bike starts at 1,500 USD and can go up to 4,000 USD.

8. Riding Experience

Riding E-bikes and riding regular bikes are not that different. They both have e pedaling system, and they move forward as you pedal the bike. But even though they do have the same system, the method is not the same.

While pedaling on a regular bike, you must put all your force into the pedal to make the bike move forward. But as for E-bikes, you do not need to apply all of your force.

As you put a little force on the pedal, the electric motor will start and aid you in pedaling. So it is much easier to ride an E-bike.

Final Thoughts

Although E-bikes and regular bikes share many similarities, some key differences set them apart. They both have their pros and cons and serve different purposes.

So if you want to switch from an E-bike to a regular bike, we hope this article has helped you decide whether the switch would benefit you. Because if you switch without taking into account all the advantages and disadvantages, it will be a significant loss.


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