ChatGPT User Growth Outperforms TikTok, Instagram, And Google Translate

By: | February 6th, 2023

An AI-powered bot, an all-purpose assistant, and an upstart Google competitor – ChatGPT is riding waves in the global community. The phenomenal startup from Silicon Valley sprinted to 57 million users shortly after its launch. Investment bank UBS predicted that the tool would surpass 100 million active users in January.

ChatGPT’s user growth has potentially outperformed TikTok, Instagram, and Google Translate. TikTok, the fastest-growing social app took longer to hit that mark – in nine months. While it took Instagram two and a half years to accomplish that goal. Google Translate needed roughly six and a half years.

It’s hard to ignore the allure of this AI bot. Tech gurus are ecstatic, but even if you’re not one of them, you obviously sense the widespread excitement. ChatGPT’s fundamental competency is AI-generated content, however, the tool is capable of meeting a wide range of requirements.

From brainstorming new ideas for your blogs, creating lyrics, and dealing with basic programming, to translating documents, just like an old ad says: it’s got you covered.

Curiosity lies beneath the initial excitement. The success of OpenAI, the startup-led ChatGPT, puts tech behemoths like Google and Meta in a difficult spot. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s support for the team may fuel the race.

Microsoft confirmed in January that the company invested multimillion dollars in OpenAI. Previously, OpenAi was financed by Elon Musk, among other investors. Tesla’s CEO, however, left the company’s leadership team after three years and even publicly criticized OpenAI afterward.

Concerns seemingly transform excitement. Comparisons and certain judgments have inundated social media. People are skeptical that it will eventually replace established tech companies like Google.

Concerns have been voiced that it could eventually replace humans in the workforce. Others, on the other hand, point out that ChatGPT neither replaces workers nor Google. The tool could instead be applied and offer practical assistance to businesses.

ChatGPT is indeed providing a good showcase for how technology has evolved in daily practice. Grand ambition is being put to the test, and only time will tell whether the trend grows stable or ephemeral in the future.


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