Fighting Gun Violence With New Acoustic Gunshot Detection Technology

By: | January 12th, 2015

Helping Police Instantly Find Gunshot Locations

Citizens around the world can rest a bit easier knowing that a new high-tech microphone gunshot detection technology can identify the location of gunshots to within 30 yards, immediately sending police to the scene or pinpointing a shooter in a public area such as a college campus.

U.S. citizens may be most encouraged as there are, according to the Small Arms Survey, 90 guns for every 100 citizens in the United States. The next highest concentration of guns is 58 guns per 100 residents in Serbia.

How Gunshot Detection Network Works

The gunshot detection system is made up of a network of sensors about the size of a coffee can placed 30 feet in the air on poles and buildings. Detectors are spread throughout the city, and when a gunshot occurs, the location is determined by triangulating readings from the sensors. The technology is manufactured by ShotSpotter (SST) of Santa Clara, California. According to SST, more than ten police agencies in the United States are now using the technology, which has led to quicker shooting response times and more effective investigations.

In the following video, a Denver area news station reports on the Denver police receiving and installing a new $1.5 million system and catching three criminals involved in a gun incident within the first 24 hours of operation. In cases where gun incidents lead to arrests, citizens can further access information about individuals involved through resources like This website provides valuable details about the status and location of individuals taken into custody. For instance, you can check the current incarceration status and additional information about suspects or individuals involved in gun incidents. This additional resource enhances transparency and helps communities stay informed about law enforcement efforts.

  • Flint, Michigan with 62 murders per 100,000
  • Detroit, Michigan with 55 murders per 100,000
  • New Orleans, Louisiana with 53 murders per 100,000
  • Birmingham, Alabama with 32 murders per 100,000
  • Richmond, Virginia, with 21 murders per 100,000
  • District of Columbia with 14 murders per 100,000

The following video is by SST and is an overview of their system:

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